Benefits of Using Percussion Hand Held Massager

A percussion hand held massager is a portable device that offers users the convenience of getting a thorough body massage in the comfort of their home or on the go. That allows you to save on the expense of traveling to and from a chiropractor’s or a massage therapist’s office, on time spent in their waiting rooms, and, most importantly, on the costly treatments that they offer. You only have to follow the instruction manual, watch a few instruction videos, and you are all set for some much-needed self-care.

Let’s consider some of the benefits of using a percussion hand held massager:

It is easy to customize

As the percussion hand held massager comes with variable speed options and changeable massage heads, you can customize it to suit your specific requirement. For instance, you might want to use the large ball for massaging your large core muscles, the smaller ball to target specific knots in the small core muscles, and the cone-shaped massage head for achieving a deep tissue massage. You can rotate the massage heads at 90-degree angles to reach all the hard to reach muscles in your body.

It offers long-lasting usage

The massager has a durable structure and operates on long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. On average, they could last for at least three hours or more. There is a fast-charging station to recharge the batteries when they get low.

It is easy to store and carry

Along with being relatively small in size and light-weight to boot, the massager comes with a durable case that has foam sections to store the different components. It will be easier to find things when you keep them in their proper places. Additionally, you will have no trouble keeping the massager safe at home or while you are traveling.

Here are some of the health benefits of using a percussion hand held massager:

It promotes physical relaxation

Working the massage head, the percussion hand held massager delivers rapid, repeated, and back and forth blows of selected frequencies on your body. That helps to relax your muscles and penetrate to the deep tissue and minimizes the chances of injuries. That is why the massager is popular with athletes and regularly used for warm-ups before athletics and other physical activities.

It offers relief from pain

By letting you target specific muscle groups to relive their tightness and improve their tone, the percussion hand held massager brings about pain relief, allows for better muscle motions, and aids in tissue repair. It also improves the blood circulation and oxygen distribution in your body.

It assists with the post-surgery treatment

When used in post-surgery treatment, the massager breaks down internal scar tissues and increases venous and lymphatic circulation. It will help to reduce inflammation and will speed up your recovery.

It aids with physical rehabilitation

The percussion hand held massager stimulates muscles, and that can improve the reflex responses in patients who have partial or full paralysis. It is also useful in rehabilitation therapy to treat the muscles that have been adversely affected due to disease, injury, or surgery.

It enhances the overall health

Using the massager will bring about many health and wellness benefits. You can expect to have lower blood pressure, enhanced immunity, better digestion, reduced stress levels, and improved sleep patterns. Furthermore, as it reduces muscle soreness and fatigue and eliminates toxins, you will be able to stay healthy and active for long and more frequent periods.

Overalls, the percussion hand held massager is beneficial to athletes, to those recovering from injuries, and to regular people who want to stay healthy and obtain relief from everyday aches and pains. At the same time, it may not be safe for everyone. If you are pregnant or have health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular issues, you cannot use it. You should also avoid it if you have lumbar injuries or suffer from chronic back pain.

The best way to go about it is to talk first with your general practitioner about using the massager and give yourself a green signal only if the doctor says that getting regular massages with the device will not cause any long-term harm.

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