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How to Use an Ice Machine on Knees

Recovering from knee injuries requires time and diligent care. One of the most effective remedies for healing knee injuries is to use cold therapy on the affected area. But the administering of the cold therapy must be through an ice …

The Importance of Eye Exam – Eye Exam and Its Significance at all Ages!

The word exam reminds us of school and college day exams which were terrifying for almost all of us. Don’t worry, we are here not to discuss about your life that had exams on corner of every quarter, but the …

Hair Loss Treatment: What You Should Know Before You Begin

No one wishes to experience hair loss. Fortunately now there are a ton of treatment options available for those who are facing problems such as thinning hair or baldness. From surgical to non-surgical treatments, you can now opt for one …

Managing Shoulder Pain with Cold Therapy

Shoulder pain can result from injuries. It can also occur in people who are in occupations requiring them to keep their shoulders in the same position for hours such as wall painting, typing, using small tools etc.

Managing shoulder pain …

Eye Exam – When Do You Need to See an Eye Doctor?

Eye exams are more than just getting your vision checked every once in a while. You may need an eye exam due to other health conditions, infections, and even to prevent vision-related complications.

Here are some instances when you need

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