Guide to Choosing the Best Dental Solution for a Perfect Set of Teeth

Dentistry has advanced considerably in the last decade or two. Now, you don’t have to live with an imperfect set of teeth for lack of treatment options.

The Ideal Solution for Dental Problems (for a perfect set of teeth)

Broken or Missing Tooth

If you have a broken or missing tooth, it can impact your smile. It can also affect the way you are able to chew your food. It is very easy to replace a missing or broken tooth with an array of options available at a good dental clinic.

For instance, in Springfield dental solutions for fixing broken or missing tooth can be available at many dentists’ offices. So, if you live in and around the area, you need to carefully select the right dentist and the clinic for your requirements.

Solutions –

You can opt for veneers, bridges, dentures, or dental implants to fix broken or missing teeth.

Veneers are thin coatings or coverings used to cover the teeth. You can use veneers to fix a chipped tooth. Dental bridges can help to restore a missing tooth by anchoring teeth on either side of the crown. With the help of dentures, you can replace your entire set of teeth.

Dental implants can help to fix a crown over the root of the broken or missing tooth. Dental implants consist of a titanium root that is fixed on the jawbone. A crown is placed over it as a replacement tooth.

Your dentist can help you choose the best solution for you. Dental implants can last for two decades or more and look completely natural. Bridges and dentures cost less than dental implants but you will need to replace them within a few years; having you pay for the treatment many times over.

Crooked Smile

Uneven teeth can adversely affect your smile. Extremely crooked teeth can even interfere with your chewing.

Solutions –

If your teeth are only slightly crooked, you can straighten them with veneers. Braces are a common treatment option for correcting the problem of crooked teeth.

These days an advanced treatment is also available to straighten teeth and it is called Invisalign. It involves using invisible aligners over teeth to straighten them. You won’t have to put up with uncomfortable wires and braces with this treatment. The aligners are created to wear for 7-10 day; after which you need to use a new set as per your current teeth alignment.

Stained Teeth

You can’t have a perfect set of teeth if they are discolored or stained. Some people are born with yellow teeth; others developed stains on their teeth with time. Teeth can become yellowish with excessive use of tobacco, coffee, tea, and cola. If you are someone who smokes a lot then you are most likely to have yellowish teeth.

Solutions –

You can use veneers to lighten your teeth to some extent. Bleaching is another good option for teeth whitening. But you need to seek bleaching treatment with an experienced dentist as a slight miscalculation of application time or the quantity of the bleach can produce imperfect or even disastrous results.

Gaps between Teeth

If you have gaps between your front teeth, it can affect your smile.

Solutions –

Veneers can help fill gaps between the teeth. Your dentist can also fill the gaps with ceramic or other materials. Fillings are a low-cost way to keep your smile intact and let it not be impacted by unsightly gaps.

Decaying Teeth

Tooth decay can lead to many other oral problems such as cavities, infection, stains, and bad breath.

Solutions –

Depending on the extent of the decay in the tooth/teeth, your dentist can offer solutions such as inlays, onlays, or replacing the decaying tooth.

Inlays cover the grooves or top of a tooth to treat decaying tooth due to injuries or other reasons. Onlays cover the top of the tooth more extensively than inlays. Onlays can be used to treat the decaying tooth.

If the decay is quite extensive, your dentist may suggest an extraction and then replacing it with an implant.


The right dentist can help you find the right solutions to any of your dental problems.