How Antibiotics Can Help in the Treatment of BV?

The reason for BV is the disruption of the normal levels of healthy vaginal bacteria and the growth of bad bacteria, in many cases the Gardnerella.

How to identify Bacterial vaginosis?

Usually, the condition can be identified by the following symptoms:

• The unusual smell from vaginal discharge than observed under normal circumstances

• Itching, in some patients

• Thick greyish white discharge, different from healthy vaginal discharge

Antibiotics for BV can treat this condition with efficacy to a large extent.

How do doctors identify Bacterial vaginosis?

Doctors may perform one or many of the following depending on the severity of the condition:

• Physical examination by taking a closer view of the vagina and its inners and surroundings

• Insert fingers into the pelvis to examine the root problem

• Suggest laboratory testing of vaginal secretions

• Suggest the testing for pH of vaginal discharge to identify the cause and the type of bacteria that is causing the infection

What are the Antibiotics for BV treatment?

Metronidazole, Clindamycin, Tinidazole are the most used antibiotics for BV. The suggestion of antibiotics varies from patient to patient and severity and type of the infection.

Metronidazole is a tablet or a pill to be taken orally. Doctors also suggest gel based on the same formula for local application. In some patients, this might cause abdominal pain and nausea.

Clindamycin is a local application cream. Doctors might suggest refraining from intercourse during the usage of this cream for better results.

Tinidazole is a pill and can cause stomach upset and nausea as side effects. Doctors suggest refraining from alcohol to alleviate these side effects.

Effects of Bacterial vaginosis in Pregnant women

Various researches have been done on pregnant women and Bacterial vaginosis conditions. The risk of BV is more in pregnant women owing to hormonal changes. However, in severe untreated conditions, it may lead to the premature birth or death of the fetus.

Antibiotics for BV when taken under doctors’ guidance helped reduce the risk of late-term miscarriages in pregnant women. Also, there have not many side effects that were observed when antibiotics are taken as per the doctor’s suggestions. Added, there is no conclusive evidence of the impact of antibiotics on a baby’s health in any way.

The efficiency of antibiotics for BV

Depending on the severity of the condition, doctors suggest one or more of the antibiotics mentioned above. In many women, there has been no recurrence after 2 weeks of usage. In some cases, the infection reappeared after a year or so. This gives a conclusion that the condition Bacterial vaginosis cannot be cured permanently however antibiotics can give relief to a larger extent and prevent the occurrence shortly.

Treating sexual partners for Bacterial vaginosis

Studies showed that the chances of spreading Bacterial vaginosis are minimal between a female and a male sexual partner. However, there is a high probability of contracting the infection from one female sexual partner to another.

Side effects of antibiotics for Bacterial vaginosis

Antibiotics such as creams and tablets will not only show the effect on harmful bacteria such as Gardnerella but also impact normal healthy vaginal bacteria too. They kill healthy bacteria that are useful in maintaining the health of the vagina. Pills that treat BV can cause nausea and stomach pain in some patients.

Effect of lactic acid on BV

Some medical experts believe that lactic acid can helps treating bacterial vaginosis faster. However, in general, lactic acid can promote the health of vaginal functioning and help to maintain its normal functionality.

When should you approach a doctor for diagnosing BV?

• Best consult your doctor when you are not during your periods.

• Also, if the date is expected too soon, it might hamper the assessment as discharges shall be more as the menstrual date approaches.

• Importantly, do not use strong deodorants and other chemicals that may hinder the assessment of the condition.

• It is also suggested to refrain from physical intercourse 24 hours before doctor consultation.


Bacterial vaginosis is a common condition in most women. The condition is curable under medical supervision using creams and oral pills. Some women might experience nausea and stomach discomfort during the treatment. Pregnant women should seek immediate medical help at any sight of the symptoms and should never use any medicines without a doctor’s advice.