How Baby Blendy Bottles Prevents Gas

Baby Blendy, a patented feeding bottle for babies is a multitasker that mixes all kinds of baby formula effortlessly and effectively. The product is also anti-colic and hence makes life easier for parents who are troubled by their baby’s discomfort after feeding. Here is more to know about these best baby bottles to prevent gas.

Baby Blendy’s unique anti-colic design

Baby Blendy bottles work to eliminate gassiness and colic by preventing excessive air from entering your baby’s digestive system when feeding. Here is how the device makes it possible.

  • Powerful mixing

At the heart of Blendy’s design is a powerful operation, which is also the first step towards colic-free feeding. When placed on the base and switched on, the mixer in the bottle spins rapidly, creating a powerful cyclone swirl. The action is way more powerful and effective than mixing the contents inside the bottle with a spoon or by shaking vigorously to blend. The unique swirling action prevents air bubbles from forming and the milk from foaming about 60%, all the while helping your baby to suck in more milk and less air when feeding. Quality blending also ensures that the baby enjoys the better taste and receives all nutrients that are vital for his/her growth and development.

  • Lump-free solutions

Mixing by hand isn’t as effective as the quick blending by Baby Blendy bottles. The former, if not done with care, can result in lumps being formed, which can eventually make their way to nipple openings and cause clogging. A blocked nipple, which does not dispense milk freely, is yet another cause for gas in babies. This is because in such cases, the babies end up sucking more air than milk, ultimately causing their digestive systems to get bloated. The smooth blending action of Baby Blending bottles ensures that all ingredients mixed properly and completely so that there is no lump left behind. Also, it prevents unmixed particles from entering your baby’s delicate tummy, thus protecting from stress on his/her just-developing digestive system.

  • Anti-colic air vents

The third means by which Baby Blendy bottles prevent gas is the anti-colic air vents. This design, unique to the product, separates the air from milk as the baby feeds. The mechanism allows the air to escape from the bottom as your baby sucks up the formula from the top, through the nipples. This ensures a smoother and freer flow of milk into the baby’s mouth. During the process, your baby swallows lesser air and he/she is less likely to turny gassy, spit up ingested food, or experience colic and discomforts associated with improper feeding.

More reasons to love Baby Blendy bottles

Baby Blendy feeding bottles serve multiple purposes. They are powerful mixers that blend formula and water smoothly into the right consistency for your baby. These battery-operated, hands-free devices make formula preparation time easy, convenient, and stress-free for new parents. The units are also portable, making them perfect for use on the go. They come with silicone nipples that stimulate the natural, comfortable feel of breastfeeding and are available in varied flow speeds to suit different age groups. The best baby bottles also come with an add-on sipper attachment that helps little ones transition smoothly from bottles to cups.

Their unique, anti-colic design also makes them the best bottles to prevent gas. Additionally, these baby bottles are designed to work with breast milk as well. When breast milk is stored or left standing, the fats tend to separate from the liquid. As a result, breast milk in bottles needs to be mixed properly before feeding babies. Like with formula, shaking mother’s milk in bottles can result in ineffective blending or trapped air bubbles. Baby Blendy, with its cute yet powerful blender, mixes the separated fat smoothly back into the liquid so that your baby can enjoy chunk-free feeding and wholly nutritious breast milk.

Baby Blendy bottles score high on aesthetics too. They are cute, easy to handle, and have adorable blender blades, perfect for a baby product that prevents gas. Plus, they are free of harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Even better, they are recommended by doctors and hence a trustworthy choice for new parents who want to experience hands-free comfort and give babies a more enjoyable feeding session, every time.