How Hair Loss in Men and Women Can Be Treated with Scalp Micropigmentation?

When it comes to the beauty and makeup industry, most possibly, the latest feather has been attached to its cap is scalp micropigmentation, globally acknowledged as SMP. The technique of SMP has been acknowledged as a permanent solution for male and female hair loss; however, the whole approach is cosmetic base. Initially designed for men, with further evolvement, more and more women now search for scalp micropigmentation near me to combat their annoying thinning hair issues.

The procedure of scalp micropigmentation involves applying pigments into the thinning area or layer of scalp by means of digitally controlled needle. Unlike traditional tattooing, the kind of pigments used for SMP is basically, plant-based organic matter and are FDA approved.

The Variation among Technique

While millions of women have found SMP as a ‘second-to-none’ choice to address thinning hair, equally, numerous feel scary or embarrassing about its appearance. For anyone having haziness on this issue, should note carefully, that the technique followed in SMP for female type baldness is completely different from men. Whereas men receive SMP with the outlook of replicating their head with shaven hair follicles, a woman is offered the treatment with the objective to diminish the contrast between their existing hair and the virtually exposed scalp. Understanding this difference is important because it totally changes a technician’s approach of providing treatment.

Typically, when it comes to baldness nature, man experience bald in a set of pattern, which may include declining front hairline, reduction of the crown, which eventually can end in complete baldness. This kind of balding is a rare case for women while they typically undergo diffuse thinning and fair amount of hair loss across the entire scalp, although unlikely to go wholly bald. Which is why addressing women’s baldness is much critical and needs specialized knowledge. This requires you to contact a renowned scalp micropigmentation clinic.

Women Treatment Procedure at Scalp Micropigmentation Near Me

Among the key causes of female pattern hair loss, include hereditary, menopause and aging, emotional trauma, childbirth, alopecia, Lupus and side effect of medication. Typically, the hair-thinning problem of each client is of different nature and that needs customization of treatment plan.

In choosing, the depth, and texture of pigments, the natural hair color is taken as the base and in order to offer a ‘full head of hair’ 3-D illusion, one-step darker shade is applied to get the desired look. With intent to offer more natural look, and fill the gaps, experts make use of replicated hair follicles integrated with virtually lighter to deeper shades with different kinds of needles. Adding of imitate threads with skilled hands appear alike growth of new hair follicles employed in the diffusing areas as well as frontal hairline with topmost diligence. To address the crown and sides of thinning hair usually denser shades are used to add contrast to the color of hair and the scalp. In general, the female SMP session can take nearly 3-4 sessions while you can gradually experience the magic.

Male Baldness Treatment: Scalp Micropigmentation Near Me

Male pattern baldness is widespread all over the world, accounting for as near as 95% of male go through hair loss phase over their 50’s. The term male pattern hairlessness refers to androgenetic alopecia. The issue is related with the diminishing of male sex hormone, thus, should not be explained as an ailment or medical condition that contributes in male balding. The other causes may found in the form of effluvium disorders, alopecia, extreme stress, and panic in addition to genetic.

Look for ‘scalp micropigmentation near me’ which is prepared with advanced devices used in SMP, ranging from scientifically advanced needles, robotically controlled shade analysis machines, trained technicians with background in SMP technology. The highly sophisticated cosmetic procedure inserts dots of pigments on your scalp matching to the natural hair color and skin tone. Keep in mind, even though, it is considered as a type of tattooing, however, the approach and technique is absolutely different. Once completed it will appear alike a full head of shaved hair. It takes around 2-3 sessions apart from initial consultancy to boast your personality with a modish haircut.