How to Use an Ice Machine on Knees

Recovering from knee injuries requires time and diligent care. One of the most effective remedies for healing knee injuries is to use cold therapy on the affected area. But the administering of the cold therapy must be through an ice machine for knee. Use of ice packs or frozen vegetable bags simply do not work that well to heal any kind of knee injury.

Understanding Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is use of freezing temperatures over surgical wounds or orthopedic injuries for the purpose of healing them. The cold temperature numbs the muscles and temporarily stops nerve communication in the area where it is applied. Without nerve communication, the blood supply to the affected area also stops. The process initiates the body’s healing responses, which speeds up recovery in the affected area. The swelling begins to reduce and the pain starts to lessen where cold therapy is applied.

Traditionally, ice packs have been in use for administering cold therapy over injuries. Later, with the availability of frozen vegetable bags, even those began to be used to deliver cold therapy on wounds. But these methods are not perfect to deliver cold therapy. The uneven shape of the ice or vegetable bags isn’t optimum for the cold to transfer properly inside the skin. There is also the risk of water dripping from ice packs onto the surgical wounds and increasing the risk of infections. Fortunately, now cold therapy can be delivered through machines that are especially designed for the purpose.

Using an Ice Machine on Knees

It is incredibly simple to use an ice machine on knees. But for maximum benefits, it is essential to use machines made with the advanced technology to deliver cold therapy.

Cold therapy units from quality brands are designed in a way to provide healing to knees from all sides. Ice machines for knees from IsoComforter are made using the patented Iso Tube technology to provide the most efficient healing. The unit comes with healing pads that you can wrap around your knees. The pad consists of ridges to ensure that the temperature is always comfortable for the user. Due to the ridges, the cold temperature always remains optimal for contact with the skin.

The IsoComforter cold therapy unit is also easy to use. When buying an ice machine for knees, it is important to look for one that is easy to fill, carry, and use. IsoComforter machines are portable units, which you can use just about anywhere with the adapter that comes with it. You also don’t require replenishing the machine with ice and water every so often. Once filled, you can relax and enjoy the healing through the machine for a few hours without worrying about the water or ice in the unit. The self-priming pumps in IsoComforter ice machines begin to work as you plug in the machine.

To obtain the most benefits from cold therapy, it is important to use it consistently over your injury until full recovery. You can administer it as directed by your doctor or a few times each day for 30 minutes at a time. With machines from quality brands such as IsoComforter, you can use cold therapy while relaxing or working. The knee pad provides healing from all sides. So, whether you are recovering after a knee replacement surgery or from a ligament tear, you can speed up the healing using IsoComforter ice machines.

It is extremely important to regain range of motions in the knees after surgeries. For this, physical therapy is essential. But with the pain present, it is difficult to begin any kind of physical rehabilitation work. Cold therapy provides a lot of relief in this regard. Not only you can reduce the pain with cold therapy but you also don’t need to depend on medicines for the same. Pain medicines can become addictive after prolonged use. But cold therapy poses no such risks.

You can continue to use cold therapy to heal any kind of pain on the knees without risks of infections or dependency on the therapy.