Ice Therapy Machines for Pain Relief

Orthopedic pain is not restricted to athletes or the elderly. Sore muscles and painful joints can occur at any age. Degenerative bone conditions such as arthritis is now common in middle-aged people too. Muscle soreness can occur from extensive workouts or even common household chores. People in professions such as carpentry, painting, and those who use the computer extensively often experience shoulder pain. Back pain is common for those who spend long hours at work.

You can manage these types of pain with medicines or by using an ice therapy machine.

Ice Therapy Machines – the Better Way to Manage Orthopedic Pain

An ice therapy machine is a device to apply freezing temperatures to muscles or joints (cold therapy) to relive pain and discomfort.

Cold therapy is not a new healing concept. People have been using cold therapy through ice packs for ages now. But medical advancements have made it possible to deliver cold therapy more efficiently. An ice machine delivers cold therapy in an easier fashion.

The design –

Ice therapy machines consist of a tank, pump, and healing pad connected through a system of pipes. Some brands utilize patented technologies to offer a means to deliver cold therapy in the most efficient manner. For example IsoComforter ice therapy machines are designed using the patented Iso-Tube technology. The healing pads are free from silicone and are available to use for different body parts such as the back, knee, and the shoulders. The ridges in the pads allow for uniform therapy over the entire injury area. The design helps deliver cold therapy without any risks of burn injuries that can occur due to frozen temperatures.

The dynamic temperature range –

An ice therapy machine also delivers dynamic therapy with constant flow of water, which is safer and more useful. When you use an ice pack, the heat transfer is static. But the constant water movement in the ice therapy machines ensures that there is always a temperature difference between the pads and the injuries.

The application –

Ice therapy machines are easy to use. You need to fill the tank with water and ice, wrap the pad around your injury, and plug in the device. The water begins to circulate and deliver cold therapy to your sore muscles. When you use machines from IsoComforter, you don’t require refilling the tank with ice very often. You can benefit from uninterrupted cold therapy without tending to the machine every now and then.

It is easy to apply cold therapy with machines instead of ice packs. Ice packs can melt and the dripping water can enter surgical wounds if you are using it to ease the pain after undergoing any orthopedic procedure.

Cold therapy is useful for treating several painful conditions. You can use ice therapy machines after undergoing surgeries for rotator cuff repairs or muscles tears. It is also ideal to heal pain after extensive surgeries such as knee, shoulder, or hip replacements. It can help reduce pain from fractures, sore muscles, inflammation, damaged ligaments, diseased cartilages, or torn tissues.

You can use also cold therapy to manage everyday orthopedic pain with ease. Extensive workouts or simple chores can cause muscle soreness. If not treated, the pain can become severe. Using ice therapy machines at home settings can help you manage any kind of muscle pain with convenience. Such an application is also ideal for those with degenerative bone diseases that cause constant pain and discomfort.

Benefits –

You don’t need to hold the machine in place by hand, which makes it possible to use cold therapy for hours at a time. Cold therapy works best when used regularly and constantly until the pain disappears. Such regular application is not possible with ice packs or frozen pea bags. With IsoComforter ice machines, you also don’t have the risk of condensation that can cause infections.

With better pain management with cold therapy, you don’t need to rely heavily (or at all) on pain medicines. Pain relievers can be addictive in the long run and cause several health problems. Cold therapy effectively reduces swelling and pain from minor injuries to extensive surgical wounds.

Using an ice therapy machine is simply a better way to reduce pain.