Jigsaw Massager – Things you should know

Self-massaging tools are all the rage these days and rightly so. Such tools are a great way to get a massage any time you need one. You can use them in the comfort of your home and offer relief to your aching muscles without any inconvenience. A great example of a convenient the best self massage tool is the jigsaw massager.

About Jigsaw Massagers

A jigsaw massager is a powerhouse of a massager akin to the tool that inspired its design – the jigsaw. You can screw on the different massage head attachments on the device and use it as needed. The different attachments offer percussive massages similar to a kneading action. The attachments can be large-sized ball heads, medium-sized ball heads, and a cone head for really reaching deep inside the muscles.

You can use a jigsaw massager for relaxing deep tissue massages. These massagers are also ideal for relieving muscle pain of any intensity.


Attachments –

Some massagers come with only one ball head attachments. But it is best to choose one with multiple heads. You will need a big massage head to reach the percussive action deep inside your tissues. Small ball heads are perfect for mild massages or when you need to hit a specific spot more accurately. Cone heads are ideal to focus on tiny areas of the muscles but with intensity.

Speed settings –

It is a sheer waste of money to buy a jigsaw massager with the only one-speed setting. Your need for massages will vary in intensity. So, you need low, medium, and high-speed settings to meet those requirements. A speed setting of 2600 rpm is ideal for deep tissue massages.

If you are buying the massager online, ensure that you read its description to learn about the various features.

Others –

A jigsaw massager will come with two batteries and a quick charge cord. An instruction manual will also be included in the kit. Some reputed brands also offer a travel case and online videos with instructions to their customers with each jigsaw massager.

Buying the Best Jigsaw Massager

You need to buy the right massager to reap its benefits.

Things to consider –

Are the batteries rechargeable? Can you charge the massager quickly?

When you are selecting a self-massager tool, it is important to consider these questions before you buy one. If the massager is attached to a cord, it is not really very convenient to use. You should be able to charge your massager as needed and use it anywhere in the house or on the go.

How many massage heads do you need?

When it comes to buying a jigsaw massager, ensure that you are getting at least three different attachments, if not more. Three sizes of ball heads are quite ideal to knead painful muscles to offer relief.

Is it easy to use?

A handheld massager should be really easy to use. Its handle should be designed in a way that it offers a comfortable yet strong grip. You shouldn’t feel any pain in your shoulder or arms even when you use the massager often. The grip should be non-slippery too.

Is the quality of the massager superior?

When choosing a jigsaw massager, ensure that you carefully look at its material. Massagers made with low quality plastic materials may cost less. But such massagers are not durable. Ensure that you only choose a massager made with really top quality material. The screws and the massage heads must also be made with superior materials. They should remain free of rust even after years of use.

Is a warranty included?

When buying a jigsaw massager, opt for one with a warranty offer. If you are buying it for the first time, then a warranty is even more essential to consider. With a warranty included, you are likely to feel more at ease while trying it out using different attachments. Check the warranty terms properly at the time of buying the massager.

Is there an offer of a money-back guarantee?

With a good money-back guarantee, you can be assured of the quality of the jigsaw massager. A nice 30-day money-back offer can be proof of the massager’s superior quality.

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