Managing Shoulder Pain with Cold Therapy

Shoulder pain can result from injuries. It can also occur in people who are in occupations requiring them to keep their shoulders in the same position for hours such as wall painting, typing, using small tools etc.

Managing shoulder pain becomes a necessity during post-operative surgical recovery. But if the pain resulting from daily chores and stress is left untreated for long, it can even cause permanent damage to the shoulder joint. Fortunately, it is easier to manage should pain with cold therapy. You can use an ice machine for shoulder to deliver cold therapy to the shoulder joints very conveniently.

Cold Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Cold therapy is a healing technique using freezing temperatures to soothe orthopedic trauma. When you apply it to your shoulders, cold therapy can help in lessening the pain with a single session itself.

Cold therapy works by blocking communication between nerves on the application site. Without nerve impulses, blood flow to the injured area also stops temporarily. When this process occurs, the natural healing mechanism of the body takes over to heal the injuries in a speedier manner. The swelling begins to subside and this causes the pain to reduce as well. The inflamed tissues can begin to heal and you can experience tremendous relief in the shoulders.

Consistent cold therapy can help heal painful shoulder tendons and tissues without any side effects. Many people begin to take pain medicines to find relief from the ever-present discomfort in the shoulders. No doubt, medicines can provide immediate relief from pain. But it is not a permanent solution. Medicines can also lead to dependency on them which can be very harmful in the long run. To heal the shoulders, you need to tend to the source of the pain. Cold therapy can provide relief permanently and without any side effects.

Another advantage of cold therapy for managing shoulder pain is that you can use it as the discomfort begins to manifest. You don’t need to wait for the pain to worsen and then see a doctor about it. If you are someone experiencing shoulder pain on a regular basis due to muscle stress, you can use cold therapy every day to quickly find relief from the discomfort. Cold therapy is also perfect for athletes who workout extensively and often experience muscle soreness in their muscles as a result.

Optimally Utilizing Cold Therapy for Shoulders

The best way to use cold therapy for shoulders is through special machines designed for the purpose. An ice machine for shoulder offers the most convenient and efficient way to use cold therapy on the painful joints. Traditionally, use of ice packs has been common for cold therapy. But ice packs are messy and pose risk of infections when used on surgical wounds. The water can drip from ice packs and increase the chances of post-surgical complications. The water can also drip onto your clothes, bedding, or floor, which doesn’t make for very convenient way to benefit from a therapy. Also, it is not viable to hold an ice pack on the shoulder joints for long stretches of time.

An ice machine for shoulder comes equipped with a healing pad that you can wrap around the shoulders. The machine also consists of a tank, which you need to fill with ice and water. Brands like IsoComforter makes the best cold therapy unit with self-priming pumps to offer even more convenience to the users. You also don’t need to replenish IsoComforter machines with ice and water very often. You can prepare the machine, wear the pad over your shoulders, and plug in the machine to benefit from cold therapy. These machines are also made using the patented Iso Tube technology for optimal healing.

Access to an ice machine for shoulder can help people use it whenever necessary. It is not only for athletes, but anyone who does heavy workouts can use cold therapy to provide relief to their sore muscles. The elderly can easily use the machine to manage the aches and pains that can occur in their shoulders on a daily basis.