Myths and Facts About Botox

Today is the world of increased self-awareness and concerned about how does one look. This has increased the popularity of cosmetic treatments such as Botox in NYC to improve the beauty and fight the aging skin by treating the wrinkles. Despite of being the most effective and utilized treatment, Botox always has misconceptions and myths attached to it. Discussed below are some of the myths with the facts about Botox.

Myth: Botox freezes the face

Fact: It is easy to hear people talking or reading over the internet that Botox leaves one looking frozen. On the contrary, when used properly by the trained and listened professional, it gives a wrinkle-free, soft, and young appearance. The frozen look is the result of the overdose of Botox injection. Sometimes people undergoing Botox ask the professional for more injections because of young looking desire. Therefore, it is all about what one wants from Botox and how trained and experienced the professional is.

Myth: It is meant for women only

Fact: Cosmetics are often used by women, but this does not mean that only women should use Botox in NYC. The only difference is that men generally need a higher dose because of the stronger muscles. Men are equally opting for Botox these days as women, though it is common in men in professions like acting, modeling, flight stewards and other grooming centric jobs.

Myth: It is expensive

Fact: The cost of Botox is little more than the best facial one would opt for. This means it is not unaffordable for those who make regular visits to cosmetic salons. Although cost may vary depending upon the location of the center, and experience and training of the professional. It is advised not to opt for Botox which is too economical for it may sacrifice the quality of the treatment giving undesired results.

Myth: Botox injections are painful

Fact: Micros needles are used for Botox which are finer than the needles used while injecting other medications by the medical professionals. Also, the whole process takes around 10 to 15 minutes which means it does not long enough to induce pain. Except for the people with very low pain threshold, Botox does not require anesthesia while treating people. The little discomfort that happens is similar to acupuncture needles and can be minimized by consuming more and more water.

Myth: Botox is not safe

Fact: This myth is raised because Botox is prepared from Botulinum protein which is a food poisoning toxin. But Botox in NYC is the purified form of this protein which has been approved by FDA in a particular quantity. The right amount of Botulinum simply paralyzed the muscles, blocking all the communication from the nerve that signals the muscle to grow and form wrinkles.

Myth: Botox should be used only after one has developed wrinkles

Fact: It is not necessary to wait until the age when the wrinkle will be visible. The ideal time to opt for Botox is when wrinkles just began to appear. As the wrinkles become deeper and older, it needs repeated treatment, and still, it does not give that much smoother and younger looking skin. This not only increased the expenses but also make the person believe that the treatment is not working right on their skin which sometimes lowers the self-esteem.

Myth: Botox is used for treating only wrinkles

Fact: Since Botox injections relax the muscles, it is used for treating different conditions such as softening of jawlines, raising eyebrows, raising corners of the mouth, and even dimpling the chin. Botox also treats hyperhidrosis disorder which is a condition in which the person has excessive sweat in palms, armpits, and sole of the feet.

Myth: Wrinkles get worse after Botox

Fact: Though Botox is not a permanent treatment and lasts for around 3-4 months after each sitting, but it does not make wrinkles worst. It then begins to break down and dissolve removing the paralysis of the muscles. Therefore, muscles regain the normal growth pattern, and wrinkles begin to re-appear as they were before the treatment, not more wrinkles.