Tanning Lotions – Three Kinds for Different Purposes and How to Avoid Mistakes When Using Them

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Top Tanning Lotions and How to Use Them

Beautiful, healthy-looking, bronze skin does not happen by accident for most people. It takes a commitment to an indoor tanning schedule and requires regular applications of high-quality indoor tanning lotion. With so many tanning lotions on the market, it is important that each person finds the best tanning lotion for her.

Purpose of Tanning Lotion

The best tanning lotion helps to maintain moisture in the skin, speeds up the tanning process, increases the depth of the tan color, and enables the tan to last longer. For a truly beautiful, deep, bronze tan on luxuriously supple skin, it is essential to use the best tanning lotion before each tanning session and periodically between sessions.

There are three common types of tanning lotions. Most people will need to try each type in order to find the best tanning lotion for them.

1)  Accelerators

For some people, the best tanning lotion always includes a tan accelerator. Tan accelerators stimulate the body to produce more melanin. Melanin is the naturally occurring pigment in the skin that darkens while tanning. Increasing the body’s production of melanin makes any tan darker.

Tan accelerators are often thought of as some of the best tanning lotions because they encourage a natural-looking tan. There is no concern for streaking or an unnatural shade because the lotion is working from the inside-out. Tan accelerators are most often applied as a lotion, but they are also available in pill form.

For the best tanning lotion results when using an accelerator, begin application two to four weeks before tanning, and then regularly between tanning sessions. This allows the body a chance to build up and maintain the extra melanin required for a deep tan.

The best accelerator tanning lotions can include other beneficial ingredients. Extra moisturizing ingredients and anti-aging skincare in the best tanning lotions ensure the skin remains supple and attractive.

2)  Tingle Lotions

Tingle tanning lotions work by encouraging the skin’s capillaries to move more blood to the surface of the skin. Increased blood flow means more oxygen, which allows your skin to tan more deeply. To most users, this process feels tingly and causes the skin to temporarily turn red. For a lot of people, tingle lotions are the best tanning lotions.

Tingle lotions are available in different strengths. Some users do not enjoy the tingly sensation, so they opt for a milder product. Stronger tingle lotion products produce deeper tans. Experts suggest that users should apply the strongest tingle lotion they can handle in order to get the best tan possible. For dedicated users, the strongest tingle lotion makes the best tanning lotion.

Unlike other types of tanning lotions, tingle lotions are only applied immediately before tanning sessions. The best tanning lotions with tingle have detailed instructions as to how and when to apply the product.

The best tanning lotions, including tingle lotions, include multiple moisturizing ingredients. The tanning process dries out the skin. Dry skin does not tan as well as moisturized skin. Also, the tan on dry skin does not last as long.

3)  Bronzers

Bronzer tanning lotions work by reacting with the skin to produce a tanned color. The melanin is not altered, but the skin appears darker. Bronzers do not require exposure to the sun or a tanning bed to activate. Some people apply bronzers in between tanning sessions to keep their skin looking tanned, even when the tan has faded. Even many tingle lotions include bronzer ingredients. Bronzers are the most popular ingredient in the best tanning lotions.

There are two main types of bronzers available: DHA bronzers and natural bronzers. DHA bronzers use a chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that triggers the bronzing chemical reaction. Natural bronzers use herbal extracts the cause the skin to darken. The best tanning lotion with bronzer depends on personal preference.

Bronzers need to be applied regularly in order to maintain the skin’s tanned look. They must be applied carefully because streaking can occur if they are not applied properly. Bronzers can be the best tanning lotions if they are used regularly and applied correctly.

Whichever tanning lotion is chosen, it is important to read the instructions carefully. Each product has specific techniques and application frequency to ensure a natural, long-lasting, and even tan is achieved.