The Importance of Eye Exam – Eye Exam and Its Significance at all Ages!

The word exam reminds us of school and college day exams which were terrifying for almost all of us. Don’t worry, we are here not to discuss about your life that had exams on corner of every quarter, but the topic we are looking to converse on is equally important or perhaps more. Eye examination has to be on the top of list of things to do as life in deep dark sucks and closes the window of colorful world of VIBGYOR.

Our two eyes introduce the beauty of world to us and it isn’t needed to say how important eyes to us are. It has enormous significance irrespective of age of infant to old aged human being in 90’s or beyond. So in order to be capable of enjoying the vision throughout the lifespan, understand the gravity behind eye check up or eye exam. It should not be opted on having issues only rather regular check up can prevent you from eye disorders that could strike you due to unhealthy lifestyle or deficiency in the body.

What is eye exam?

Don’t get confused and interchange eye exam with eye test as they both are distinct. Eye Exam in Colorado Springs is conducted by an eye doctor or ophthalmologist only, as it requires to be professionally trained and educated while eye test now a days are done at optical shops having range of glasses for sale. Eye test is an elementary investigation of eye just to check the vision and glasses are the only outcome of such test without working on causes. Eye exam can only reveal the exact prescription for glasses. The eye exam assesses the basic reasons for eye problem and also the disease that can make your world completely blur or without light. Complete eye exam involves diagnosis of high cholesterol, diabetes, tumor, cancer, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction and autoimmune health issues.

Diagnosis through eye exam

Eye exam is the only means that is highly effective in finding out the critical issues related to eyes which may switch off the light of eye for whole life. The early detection can aid in getting treatment and restrain further spread of diseases. But some of the diseases are life threatening and their detection by eye exam can definitely save lives as well as visions. Symptoms could be dry ices, eye allergies, red eyes, itching in eyes, swelling in eyes, pain etc. and one should immediately consult the doctor as some of the life and vision threatening diseases are detected only in advance stages and have normal symptoms.

Vision threatening eye diseases

● Diabetic retinopathy

● Cataracts

● Macular degeneration

● Glaucoma

Significance of eye exam at distinct phase of life

1. Eye exam- deciding factor for future and health of kid

Vision in early age is more vital as various factors like learning, reading, hand- eye coordination, motor skills development; verbal skills etc are dependent on vision. It becomes difficult for children with weak sight or other eye disorders. Concentration power is worse affected by kids and due to all above issues the child suffers inferiority and exhibits behavioral issues. Most of the time children do not even know the issues they are undergoing but their early examination can not only stop the increasing eye disorder but also the assist the child to lead a normal and healthy life with great vision.

2. Eye exam for youngsters

It would be really wrong to say that healthy eye and perfect vision is vital for kids only. Things like studies and other personal interests can be pursued only if you have healthy eye. Neither the carrier nor a normal social life can be lived without vision less eye. To have overwhelming youth and good base for happy old age disease free eyes are important.

3. Guys above middle age and value of eye exam

The process of aging begins to show its sign soon an individual enters into forties and the pace of aging is fastest on entering into 60’s. Eye is primarily affected due to aging and age related eye issues are cataracts, macular degeneration, presbyopia. These could result in complete vision loss and due to weak body sometime surgeries and treatments too become difficult. But vision loss can be restrained with proper treatment and care.

Get your vision and eye completely healthy with eye exam in Colorado Springs at cost effective prices.