Three Reasons to Choose Doctor Recommended Baby Bottles

A doctor recommended baby bottle will be safe for your child in every way. Babies tend to gulp a lot of air during feeding. Excess air in a baby’s tummy can cause pain and discomfort. You can avoid this problem by choosing a doctor to recommend a baby bottle for your child. There are other benefits also of choosing such bottles for your child.

Here are three reasons to choose a doctor recommended baby bottle.

Reduce Instances of Colic

Due to excess gas, pain, and discomfort in their tummy, babies can become fussy and cry incessantly for days on end. Such non-stop crying is termed as colic.

Air bubbles can form in food that you blend for your baby. Babies can suck a lot of air when they feed through baby bottles. The traditional feeding bottles do not prevent air bubbles from forming inside them. When you shake the bottle to mix the formula properly; the food fills with foam and air bubbles.

There is no outlet for the air already trapped inside to come out of the bottle. So, parents need to spend considerable time trying to burp their babies after each meal. But even burping may not be enough to dispel all the trapped air in their tummies. There are times infants don’t burp and simply throw out their food. It leads to the loss of nutrients that they need for their growing needs.

You can reduce instances of colic by using a doctor recommended baby bottle that comes with air vents. The air vents at the bottom of the bottle help separate formula or food from the air. It aids the smooth flow of food from the nipple.

Such bottles also come with a blender to help prepare the food easily. The blender helps to remove the formation of the air bubbles inside the blended food.

These two features help in lowering the instances of colic in babies.

Use a Bottle Made with Safe Materials

A doctor recommended baby bottle is made from non-toxic and safe materials. Bottles that are free from phthalates, PVC, and BPA are completely safe for babies. There is no guarantee of safe materials in traditional bottles.

Toxins from the plastic can seep into your baby’s food. Toxins also begin to seep in greater quantities as you continue to use the bottle. So, it is crucial that you choose only doctor recommended baby bottles for your complete peace of mind.

Choose Comfort for your Child

A doctor recommended a baby bottle is made with a baby’s ultimate comfort in mind. Babies can comfortably hold these bottles. There are also detachable handles available with doctor recommended bottles in case your baby requires them for a more comfortable hold on the bottle.

The silicone nipple in a doctor’s recommended bottle resembles the shape of a woman’s breast; allowing babies to latch onto it easily. Babies can comfortably feed from these bottles. Such bottles come with different nipple attachments with varying speed flows – from slow to medium, or fast. Some infants suck on the nipple rather quickly; others tend to feed slowly. You can choose a nipple as per your child’s age and feeding requirements. You can also purchase a sippy cup attachment to use for slightly older kids.

It is also easy to prepare food using doctor recommended baby bottles. Parents can prepare fresh blended food very quickly and feed their kids without any inconvenience. You can do so with only one blender bottle; freeing up your cleaning time. You can utilize this time for you and your baby’s well-being. The blended food will also be smoother due to the powerful rotation of the blender. You can blend formula, rice cereals, and oats using this kind of baby bottle.

Doctor recommended blender anti colic bottles are also ideal for blending stored breast milk; making it easier for babies to digest their food. Stored breast milk can separate into layers of fat and liquids; making it quite unpalatable. But by using a doctor recommended baby bottle, you can ensure that your child can get all the nourishment from the breast milk without any discomfort.