Top Four Reasons to Use a Cold Therapy Machine

Cold therapy is a healing remedy for all sorts of orthopedic injuries. The best way to administer this remedy is through a cold therapy machine. Cold therapy has traditionally been delivered with simple ice packs. But it is not the ideal way to utilize the healing power of this remedy. Here are the top four reasons to use the best cold therapy machine.

Reasons to Use a Cold Therapy Machine

Speedy Recovery

Cold therapy speeds up recovery after orthopedic injuries. Use of cold therapy machines can help you maximize its impact manifold.

A little about cold therapy  –

Cold therapy hinders nerve communication, thereby, helping to reduce swelling and pain. Without nerve communication, there isn’t adequate blood supply to the affected area. With no new blood supply, the body commences its healing process on the injury. With consistent use, surgical wounds and any kind of orthopedic injuries can be healed with cold therapy.

Now, about speedy recovery –

With the help of a cold therapy machine, it is possible to administer healing in the most efficient manner. For instance, IsoComforter cold therapy units are designed using the latest technology and convenient features. The patented Iso Tube technology helps to deliver cold therapy in the most optimal manner. The healing pads can be easily wrapped around the knees, shoulders and the back to offer cold therapy from all sides. The ridges in the healing pads ensure that the cold temperature is always optimal for the skin.

With consistent use of cold therapy, the freezing temperatures can speed up recovery even after severest of orthopedic injuries. It can help reduce pain faster and enable you to begin your physical therapy sooner than expected. Physical therapy is essential after grave surgeries such as knee or shoulder replacement or with severe back injuries.


Imagine water from ice packs dripping onto you surgical wounds when you are using it for cold therapy! Now, this poses a very high risk for post-surgical infections. But with cold therapy, you don’t need to worry about such problems.

Cold therapy machines are safe to use. The cold water circulates through the pump and the tubes consistently. The cold provides healing through the pads used on the affected areas.

Cold therapy machines are also safe to use on a prolonged basis. Unlike pain medicines, cold therapy in the long term doesn’t cause any dependency.


In good quality cold therapy machines, there is no hassle of continuously replenishing ice and water in the tank to keep the temperature optimal for the therapy.

You also don’t need to worry about dripping mess on your bedding or clothing from the water. You can simply fill the tank with ice and water to start using a cold therapy machine.

Ease of Use

Cold therapy machines are extremely easy to use. Even the IsoComforter machines, which are made with advanced technology, offer ease of use.

There are no complicated instructions required to use the machine. You just need to fill the tank with ice and water, plug it in, and start using it. You can wrap the healing pad right before switching on the machine. The self-priming pump requires no mechanical adjustments. You can sit and relax while cold therapy machine does its work to heal your injuries.

Cold therapy units such as from IsoComforter are also portable. So, you can use them in the car, at your work, or anywhere to consistently use cold therapy without worrying about missing a healing session.

Maximizing the Benefits of using a Cold Therapy Machine

It is important to use a cold therapy machine from a reputed brand to maximize its utility.

Brands like IsoComforter offer cold therapy machines designed with the highest standards of safety. IsoComforter also ensures that only the most useful technology for delivering cold therapy safely is used to design its ice machines.

Cold therapy also needs to be administered consistently until healing is complete. It is best to follow your doctor’s recommendations or use it for 20-30 minutes on the injuries once or twice a day (or as needed).