Top Three Most Common Questions About Invisalign

Straightening teeth doesn’t need to be a tedious process. Thanks to Invisalign Springfield VA, an advanced technology that uses removable clear braces, a beautiful smile can be achieved in a hassle-free manner. However, not everyone is familiar with Invisalign and the benefits it offers. Invisalign specialists in Springfield, VA answer some commonly asked questions about this type of orthodontic treatment.

What is Invisalign treatment and how does it work?

Invisalign treatment uses a series of removable, clear aligners to gradually align and straighten teeth. It is free of brackets, wires, and elastics that are typically part of any orthodontic treatment. These aligners are made using patented thermoplastic material called SmartTrack, designed especially for Invisalign treatment. This FDA-approved clear material is free of BPS, BPA, latex, and gluten and fits snugly over teeth in a virtually invisible manner. What’s more, these dental devices are mass-customized to suit your teeth profile for better results.

Invisalign helps correct a wide range of teeth alignment problems such as overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, crossbites, deep bites, and underbites. They can also be used to simply make teeth straighter. However, because every smile is unique, the results are bound to vary from person to person.

What is the treatment process like?

Every Invisalign treatment begins with a consultation, during which the doctor assesses your teeth and determines what the clear aligners can do for your smile. (To find an Invisalign practitioner in Springfield, VA, you can browse online or take help from the Invisalign website.) This is also the time for you to discuss your concerns and goals with the doctor so that you have a clearer picture of what the treatment outcome will be. Following this, the doctor maps out a customized digital plan, which shows the step-by-step progress until you reach the final, desired outcome. The plan, which maps out the exact movement of your teeth, is also used to make your aligners. This helps them apply the right force to the right teeth at the right time.

Before beginning the treatment, the doctor may recommend a checkup and cleaning to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and in good shape to receive the orthodontic treatment. Once the aligners are made and you begin wearing them, the doctor advances you to the next set after one to two weeks, depending on the initial plan. Through continuous monitoring,  your dentist also keeps track of the progress made to ensure that the aligners work correctly to move your teeth. Typical treatments last 12 to 18 months but may take longer in special cases. Once the treatment is complete, the dentist gives you a set of retainers, which help the teeth maintain their alignment correctly.

Why is it better?

Invisalign comes with many benefits. One of the biggest pluses is that these aligners are made of clear plastic, which makes them virtually invisible. So, unlike with metal or ceramic braces, people may not notice that you are wearing them. Event better, Invisalign is removable, which means you can eat, drink, brush, and floss or perform any routine activity without your orthodontic treatment coming in the way. You can enjoy your favorite foodstuff (including popcorn, cornflakes, and other crunchy or hard to chew items) without having to worry about particles getting stuck when you eat. As a result, maintaining oral hygiene is a lot easier when wearing these clear aligners. Also, there are no metal brackets or wires that can irritate your mouth or break, calling for an emergency visit.

When compared to other kinds of clear aligners, Invisalign uses a patented plastic material that provides a better and more comfortable fit. Also, they are trimmed to match your gum line, making them easy to wear and better to see. The Invisalign treatment is an advanced system backed by two decades of innovation. It is trusted by leading dentists and has helped transform the smiles of millions of people. Invisalign is a great choice not just for adults but also for teenagers who want to improve their smile or bite. So, if you care considering clear aligners for your teeth, talk to a certified Invisalign practitioner in Springfield and see how they can make your smile and life better.

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