What are the Benefits of Drinking Purified Water?

Drinking sufficient water is not enough. The water you drink needs to be purified too. Whether it is purified water for babies or for your own consumption; the right purification process and the resulting output is an important consideration.

You can boil water to remove some of its impurities and most germs. Reverse osmosis can remove almost all impurities from the water and also some minerals. Deionization can remove only mineral ions from the water. Distillation can remove all impurities and minerals from the water.

You need to choose the purification process as per your family’s needs.

Benefits of Purified Water

Good Health

Only purified water can offer the full benefits of this essential liquid. Impure water can cause diseases. Germs in the water can be the source of so many intestinal problems such as diarrhea, infections, and severe diseases.

Microbes in the water are no good when you wish to consume it. Infected water can cause any number of diseases.

Purified water adds vitality to your cells. It keeps your joints supple and your muscles healthy. It can aid digestion and keep your gut healthy. It can help with healthy bowel movements too. Those who suffer from constipation often are found to drink less water than necessary. Good digestion is essential for maintaining a healthy weight too.

Purified water is excellent for skin too, which is the largest organ in the human body.  It will keep the skin supple and glowing with good health.

Purified water can help to remove toxins from the body via the elimination system. Insufficient water intake can cause dehydration, dizziness, and a host of other problems. Inadequate water intake can also lead to lethargy and restlessness in the body. Those who suffer from low stamina often are found to drink insufficient water.

Water is required for all body functions. It is best to provide the body with purified water whenever possible.

Safe for All

Only purified water is the safest form of water. The water reaches your tap from all sorts of sources. It is quite a journey.

The contaminants in the soil can mix with the groundwater. Often, chemicals are used to treat water. It may not remove all impurities and toxins. The chemical residue can create another problem altogether. So, it is best to use only purified water.

The pipes, storage tanks, and taps can be dirty too. If you use tap water directly, you may never know what impurities you might be consuming with it.

If you want purified water for babies, it is best to use distilled water. Babies can consume sufficient minerals through formula, which are carefully formulated considering infants’ needs in mind. Babies do not require any more minerals from the water. Excess of minerals can cause toxicity and a slew of health problems. Mineral toxicity (depending on the type of mineral) can harm organs, adversely impact thyroid function, cause neurological impairment, and lead to dental problems. Distilled water doesn’t contain any mineral. So, it is best to use it for preparing formulas. Impure water or other forms of purified water may increase mineral consumption in babies.

If the adult diet is adequate in mineral content then distilled water is a safe choice for them as well. Spring water is rich in minerals. So, it can also cause problems if your diet contains sufficient minerals.

Freedom from Bad Smell and Taste of Water

Impure water can smell really bad. Chemicals used to treat water can also add a bad smell to the water. It can impact the taste of the food you prepare using the same water. The infant formula can taste quite different from the smell of chemicals lingering in the water. Tap water can taste and smell of chlorine, which is used to treat it.

Depending on the purification process, you can get water that tastes and smells better. Distilled water contains no taste. If you want no taste in your water, it is best to use distilled water. If you can’t bear the taste of chlorinated water, try switching to distilled water. It is, therefore, also ideal to use for baby formulas. Tasteless distilled water won’t alter the taste of the formula; keeping it palatable enough for babies.