What are the Benefits of Hiring a Trauma Clean Up Expert?

We have all seen the movies and TV shows where terrible things happen, but rarely are we shown the process of returning places where crimes have been committed to their normal state. That is work that often goes unseen, but it is critical in recovering spaces from traumatic situations. This work is called trauma clean up, and it is critical to the functioning of society. And if you have a property that has been subject to traumatic events and needs cleaning, you will likely be in need of trauma cleaning services.
But first: what is trauma clean up? This specialized form of custodial services extends far beyond cleaning up after a big mess. Trauma clean up is the cleaning up after a crime or traumatic event where certain substances can substantially endanger people who enter the area. Instead of simply cleaning, trauma clean up experts will come in after the most horrific scenes and return the space to something that is both safe and usable. This work is often gruesome and should be left to the experienced and specially trained experts of trauma clean up.

Here are some of the major benefits to hiring trained and experienced trauma clean up experts, and why you should call one if you are in need of their services.

1. Safety for Your Family or Staff

The truth is that cleaning up after a traumatic event is very different from cleaning up after a big mess like burst pipes or even leaking sewage lines. The substances that can be involved in trauma clean up, such as bodily fluids or dangerous chemicals, need to be properly disposed of and cleaned using uncompromising techniques and standards. Without these proper cleaning techniques, the space could look clean but still endanger people who use it. That is why everyone should use trauma clean up experts for transforming a space after a traumatic event, especially since not doing so can be against laws and regulations.

2. Compliance with Local and Federal Regulations

There are local, state, and federal regulations and laws governing who is allowed to clean up after crimes and traumatic events. Florida and California, for example, require permits for any businesses that are cleaning up after traumatic events, and these permits come with strict guidelines as to who can get them. Federally, there are many different governing bodies that have regulations regarding trauma clean up, most importantly the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) within the Department of Labor. This group has a number of rules regarding everything from exposing workers to blood-borne pathogens to proper equipment needed for entering these spaces.

No matter the crime scene, there are likely rules that prevent just anyone from cleaning up. Be sure to check with all levels of government before simply doing the trauma clean up work yourself. And understand that you could be putting yourself at great personal risk if you do—from both a health perspective and legal responsibility perspective.

3. Thorough Cleaning

Trauma clean up goes beyond a deep clean and elbow grease. These experts use specialized techniques, equipment and cleaning solutions to eliminate every substance that resulted from the traumatic event. This can mean the safe removal and disposal of bodily fluids, dangerous substances, and anything else that will need cleaned and sanitized. And in the event of renovations or restructuring, these specialists can help improve the space as well.

4. Proper Disposal

Once the cleaning is done, the job of trauma clean up is not. There is still the safe and proper disposal of the waste collected. For this, you will need people who know where to take this specialized waste, or understand the process of eliminating it themselves. After all, many of the things that get cleaned by a trauma clean up team cannot simply be taken to the local dump. They require careful and proper disposal that can only be handled by the experts.

If you have experienced traumatic events or crimes on a property that you own, then you will need to call experienced and trained trauma clean up experts. Not only can they return a space back into something safe and usable, but they can also help you stay safe and compliant with local laws and regulations.