What Services Can You Expect from a Pediatric Dentist?

Dentist treat cases related to oral health. Often, the patients involved are not adults, but little children who have just developed milk teeth or lost them with due age. They could even be adolescents who are growing their wisdom teeth. In all such cases, a pediatric dentist is your go-to person. These doctors treat all common issues as typical dentists, but are also specially trained to cater to children’s oral health needs. Plus, they are better equipped to handle little ones and make dental visits less frightening and more fun. Here is more to know about this specialty doctor and what services he/she offers.

Preventive care

The teeth of young children are difficult to clean owing to their small size. As a result, they are more prone to cavities and tooth decay. Children’s love for sweets and sugary treats, as well as poor brushing habits,  tend to aggravate the problem rapidly. Pediatric dentists offer preventive care for children’s teeth through routine cleaning. When necessary, they apply dental sealants and also provide fluoride treatments, which help prevent tooth decay. Routine dental visits for children typically happen twice a year or more frequently, if the young one has dental or oral health issues. During such a consultation, the doctor also examines your child for risks or future problems such as periodontal diseases that may arise. He/she may also conduct an X-ray scan to identify deep-rooted problems and those invisible to the naked eye so that the problem can be tackled before it flares up.

Fixing dental problems

Pediatric dentists treat minor and major dental problems like filling cavities, performing root canal treatments, repairing broken teeth, and so on. These doctors are also equipped to handle the transition that happens when milk teeth fall off, and permanent teeth appear. They can pull out loose and shaky milk teeth, which do not come off on their own. Pediatric dentists, like adult doctors, are qualified to prescribe medicines and use anesthesia when necessary. Such doctors also identify cases that warrant a dental surgery and perform the procedure themselves or refer your child to a specialist who can perform the same. Many pediatric doctors also offer emergency services like fixing or replacing knocked-out teeth, treating falls and injuries, and so on.


Orthodontics involves the use of brackets and wires to correct misaligned and crooked teeth or those with gaps into a shapely state for a beautiful smile. The treatment also helps improve biting and chewing abilities as well as speech. Pediatric dentists keep a close watch on children’s teeth as they grow older. They identify instances that call for an orthodontic treatment to be delivered. Most pediatric dentists are not orthodontists themselves. Instead, their trained eyes identify anomalies in the teeth structure or alignment, helping to recommend orthodontic treatment when necessary.

Oral health education

Good teeth and oral hygiene are critical to good overall health. Imparting good habits early on in life can help prevent most dental issues. A pediatric dentist places a lot of emphasis on and imparts oral and dental education to young patients and their parents. When a child visits the best dentist McLean VA, he/she is new to the idea of dental care. A good pediatric doctor focuses on teaching the little one and his/her parents how to brush and floss correctly, while also providing them tips for maintaining good oral health. Additionally, the doctor also helps parents develop strategies for the different stages in the child’s dental development, so that they are well-prepared for what comes their way. By involving both the child and the parents, the pediatric dentist sets the stage for right dental habits and a lifetime of healthy and happy teeth and gums.

In addition to the above, many pediatric doctors also provide habit counseling for thumb sucking and pacifier use. They also conduct timely diagnosis for oral conditions related to diseases like asthma, diabetes, and ADHD. When choosing a pediatric dentist, look for someone you can work with for a long time, preferably till your child is an adult. Since childhood and adolescence are filled with dental changes, having a dentist who can track necessary changes and rectify them on the time year after year is a huge advantage.