Why Dental Implants are Superior to any Other Replacement Teeth?

Tooth loss can pose several problems. It can interfere with speech, chewing, and even adversely impact the overall oral health of a person by weakening the dental structure. It is, thus, important to replace teeth without delay. There are several options for teeth replacement. But the most superior option is to install a dental implant.

Here are the reasons why dental implants are superior to any other teeth replacement option.

Offer a Sturdy Foundation

Dental implants are metal posts that act as roots for the replacement teeth. Installing dental implants is the only treatment available to restore both the root and the crown. Other teeth replacement methods only replace the crown.

When the treatment for dental implants is proper, you can expect your new teeth replacement to offer you a robust oral foundation. So, ensure that you only work with qualified and licensed dentists. In order to find dentists offering dental implant treatment in your area, you can conduct simple online searches using keywords such as Springfield dental implants or use your own location. You can then check the websites of various dental clinics to find one that suits your requirements.

Experienced dentists will first perform a thorough checkup of your jawbone and mouth before starting the treatment for dental implants. If your dentist finds any problems with your jawbone such as a weak structure; he or she will first recommend a bone graft or other treatment to make the jawbone viable for the treatment. The implants are fused with the jawbones. So, the latter needs be in a good and healthy condition. When dentists take such proper care before the dental implant treatment; it is possible to offer patients a sturdy foundation in terms of the replacement teeth.

Preserve Bone Structure

The roots hold the teeth together. The replacement of the tooth helps to preserve nearby teeth also as, unlike bridges, there is no need to remove them to make way for the implants. By preserving existing tissues and bone structure, Springfield dental implants help provide a solid oral foundation. When the root is replaced; it also prevents dental bone absorption.

Restore Chewing Ability

Due to the fact that dental implants are extremely strong, you can continue to eat like you did with your healthy natural teeth. You won’t have to restrict the use of eating hard or extremely chewy food. Such comfort is not present when you have dentures, crowns, or even bridges. Dentures can fall our or even break while eating. Crowns can crack if you try to chew hard foods. Bridges can also move from their place during the chewing action. But dental implants offer such strong foundation that you won’t need to worry about what you can eat or cannot eat with your replacement teeth.

Provide Natural Look

Dental implants look and function just like your natural teeth. You will be able to eat, speak, and chew like you did using your natural teeth. When you use dentures, there is always a fear of them falling out while speak or open your mouth.

Such benefits help patients to feel confident to smile and speak again in social situations.

Offer a Comfortable Teeth Replacement Option

It is easy to maintain dental implants. You need to simply clean them as you would clean your natural teeth. When you use dentures, you need to dip them in a bowl of clean water or cleaning fluid every night. You also need to remove the dentures to clean them.

Crowns and bridges can become loose with minor injuries or knocks. But there are no such issues with dental implants. Once you get them installed; it is quite easy to keep them healthy and intact.

Offer a Long-Lasting Solution

Dentures, crowns, and bridges require replacements after some years of use. But you are not likely to require replacing your implants even after decades of use. For some patients, dental implants can even last for a lifetime.

The long-lasting benefit of dental implants makes them a cost-effective teeth replacement option in the long run. You may need to shell out a bit more upfront when getting dental implants. But often, it is just a one-time expense for patients.