Acupuncture and Fertility – Can Acupuncture Aid in Fertility?

What is Acupuncture?

This is a typical treatment method, which comes under the banner of alternative medicine, and is entirely different from the modern medicinal approaches. The basic principle behind the acupuncture treatment is that, when there is an increase in the energy circulation within the body, then that will augment the resistance level. In this method, the service provider uses some fine needles, which will be thin like human hair, for the process. The acupuncture practitioner inserts the needles at different points on the patient’s body. This method of inserting the extremely tiny needles into the various key points on the human body will yield positive results. These points will be having a direct connection to the various organs of the body. Due to the needle insertion, stimulation occurs at those organs, and this will prompt proper blood circulation, which will perk up the particular organs maximally. When women get an acupuncture treatment, there will be an overall health boost up in their ovary and the uterus, and this will add up the odds of getting pregnant.

Nevertheless, one must always remember that fertility acupuncture treatment is just a treatment method that one can try to get better results. Hence, this is not a substitute to the modern medical methods.

Acupuncture and Fertility: Can Acupuncture Aid in Fertility?
Acupuncture experts hold the view that acupuncture treatment will certainly facilitate fertility. The common belief is that the application of acupuncture, along with certain related herbal medicine combinations was a normal procedure for treating infertility from the time immemorial. According to the Chinese medicine professionals, the acupuncture needles will stimulate the meridians inside the women’s body, and this will channel energy by the side of certain vital reproductive points.

Another key argument put forward by the aficionados of acupuncture is that the treatment process will tone down the level of stress, which improves the circulation of blood within the body. The improved blood circulation to the ovary and the uterus will balance the hormone level well. Thus, there will be an optimal environment for the nourishment of the embryo. Professional acupuncture practitioners say that acupuncture, when combined with the western model fertility treatment methods, will enhance the chances of getting pregnant. A major point pointed out by the practitioners of acupuncture is that the main problem that stays as an obstacle for not getting pregnant is the mental stress. Acupuncture is an effective way of getting rid of stress and anxiety, and hence, will increase the chances of pregnancy. In addition, because of taking acupuncture treatment, there will be augmented ovarian and follicular functions in women. This directly enhances the possibility of pregnancy.

Furthermore, acupuncture specialists are of the opinion that acupuncture will enhance the flow of blood to the endometrium, and because of this, there will be a rich and thick lining in that region. Experts also say that there will be an increase IVF when women take acupuncture treatment. Professional practitioners of acupuncture say that there are no side effects for the acupuncture infertility treatment. Besides, this will augment thyroid-related infertility, which is a commonly seen problem. Besides, there will be a boost up as far as the quality of the egg is concerned. Perfectly performed acupuncture treatment will enhance the implantation rate, and the chances of getting pregnant will increase. Another argument is that acupuncture will regulate the level of FSH, which will indirectly help the chances of getting pregnant. There will be a reduction in the chances of miscarriage. Another notable feature of fertility acupuncture is the inexpensive nature. One will not have to shell out heavily for the same.

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