Emergency Dentist: Four Steps to Take During a Dental Emergency

It’s a no-brainer that dental emergencies require immediate treatment by Dentists. For example, cracking a tooth or having one knocked out are common dental emergencies.

Tooth abscesses can also be considered as emergencies as they can cause severe toothache, facial swelling, difficulty in swallowing and even sepsis-all of which require immediate attention. If you have a soft tissue injury like a bitten tongue or lip, it may also qualify as a dental emergency.

In such a scenario, you may find yourself searching the internet for an emergency dentist near me open now. And when you have a dental emergency, every moment before you get to the dentist’s chair can feel like an eternity.

Here are four steps that you should take during such a situation.

Don’t Panic

When something traumatic like a dental emergency happens, people’s natural reaction is to panic. Your mind might be clouded with worries and unable to take the right decision. Research has shown that people who panic worsen their conditions during an emergency. Maintaining your wits is required for your wellbeing.

Try to stay calm. Focus on your breathing-take deep breaths. Try techniques like squeezing all the muscles in your body at the same time and then releasing them. Repeat this action three times. Doing this can help you to avoid a panic attack.

Think about what you should do next.

Stop the Bleeding

Unfortunately, dental trauma can involve a lot of bleeding. This is because your face, jaw, and teeth are highly vascular. If you are suffering from facial, lip or cheek lacerations, your next step would be to stop the bleeding.

Use a clean gauge or paper towels or a clean, dry towel and focus on stopping the bleeding by applying pressure. Pressure can help the blood vessels to constrict and form a clot so that there is no excessive bleeding.

Elevating the wound may also stop the bleeding. Keep your head up during a dental emergency and avoid laying low.

If you bleed so much that you soak through the gauge or towel, replace it with a clean one and apply steady pressure for a full ten to fifteen minutes. Resist the urge to peek after a few minutes to see if the bleeding has stopped. It can seem like a very long time but you need to be patient.

Ease the Pain

It may take some time for you to fix an appointment after you search the internet for ‘emergency dentist near me open now’. But you need to ease the pain in the meantime because a broken or cracked tooth can cause very painful toothache especially if the inner pulp of the tooth is exposed. That is where the tooth’s blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues are and if that area becomes inflamed or infected, the pain can be excruciating.

You may take Advil (ibuprofen) and/or Tylenol (Acetaminophen). If you have different over the counter painkillers that you prefer then take those but for any medication follow directions mentioned on the packaging. This will not only make you feel better but can also keep down the swelling. If you have any infection, medication will lower or prevent any fever that can arise.

Rinse your Mouth

There are many mouthwash products available for you to use. If Listerine gives you a burning sensation then use alcohol-free mouthwashes which can be gentle on your mouth but still will be effective. Warm salt water too is a tried and tested remedy and one that you can easily make at home.

Rinsing your mouth will disinfect and have a soothing effect. It can also clean out any loose particles that may be irritating your gums.


Based on your search on the internet ‘emergency dentist near me open now’, make an appointment with a dentist or if you think it best, go straight to the emergency room (ER) of a hospital.

Many dental clinics also offer emergency care throughout the day and even at night. But until you get specialized help from a dentist, following these four simple steps may prevent the situation from going out of control.

So what steps do you plan to follow during a dental emergency? Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.